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Bestpromo International Ltd.

Add:1F 2Blg 6 Street Potoubei Villiage Ailian Longcheng Longgang District Shenzhen 518172 China Whatspp:15013594843 

Skype: bestsun.cn 

Email: bestpromo@vip.163.com

Do you have a price list?

Our customers have found that a specific quote in answer to their enquiry results in the safest option of a secure costing. Our sales staff will respond as quickly as possible to enquiries received. If a costing is required very urgently please identify it as such when placing your enquiry. Since there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into account in order to arrive at a price for your product enquiry, coupled with the number of different products available, any resultant price list would be very cumbersome and lead to the possibility of incorrect pricing assumptions.